Rain chances increase midweek

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Clouds began streaming through the skies Tuesday. That cloud cover is drifting in here from the complexes of showers and storms to our north. By Wednesday, we'll see some showers and storms directly associated with the frontal boundary causing those northern showers. This has been the weather feature we have watched all week.

The front takes a big dip right through the Commonwealth on Wednesday. The data we look at to make forecast determinations is coming together on a solution. This pushes the front completely through Kentucky Wednesday night. This could mean most of our Thursday will be on the dry side. The farther south or just west that you go will be a zone of higher precip chances. The front clears everywhere but western part of Kentucky. We'll be just close enough to keep the mention of a shower in the forecast, but most will stay dry. The chances will come up for us late Thursday night.

The end of the week has a more organized area of low pressure tracking along the stalled front. This causes the front to move northward over Kentucky in the form of a warm front. We'll see little warming though. The showers and storms will keep us cooler. This is our best chance to see rain this week. It will linger into your Saturday too.

The exact track of the low will mean a whole lot. The location will mean the difference between a lot of rain for someone and some general soaking rain for others.

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