Rainy spring could lead to a bad mosquito season

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While mosquitoes are lingering around in some areas already, Lee Townsend an entomologist at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture says most of what we're seeing now are Crane Flies.

Townsend says while they resemble mosquitoes, they're bigger and they don't bite.

"But it is something we see during the cool weather and not far behind them, we'll see mosquitoes coming along," adds Townsend.

With the recent rainfall, there are plenty of places for water to pool up. Townsend says that combined with warmer temperatures on the way could make the perfect breeding site for the dreaded mosquitoes.

"You can do a lot to get rid of those sites around you by cleaning out bird baths, changing the water in them, making sure the gutters drain well," says Townsend.

Townsend says there are things we should be doing before the temperatures consistently reach the 70s.

"They feed in that murky, the bacteria that is in that water like that. So this is the kind of thing that we're trying to deal with on an individual basis to cut down on our mosquito problem," adds Townsend.

While mosquito bites can be a pain, it's the threat of diseases they could be carrying that raises the biggest concern.

"The most recent disease that we've had problems with is the West Nile virus. In the mid 2000s was a big public health problem that affected the horse industry because horses are particularly susceptible to West Nile," says Townsend.

Dumping out standing water near your house is highly encouraged to help prevent a mosquito outbreak in Kentucky.

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