Rainy weather causes factory roof to collapse

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Investigators think storms may have caused part of a factory's roof to collapse Thursday night.

The good news is no one sustained any life-threatening injuries, but
the damage to the plant has forced it to shut down indefinitely.

The plant manager tells WKYT this all happened around 8pm when about 30 to 35 employees were in what is described as a critical part of the production area of the plant that makes sealants for insulated glass windows.

The region was experiencing a severe thunderstorm, and the plant manager says either wind or a buildup of rain tore through the roof causing a 40-by-70 foot section to collapse.

About six workers were taken to the hospital, but all reportedly had
minor injuries and none were admitted.

The plant announced last November they would be shutting down, leaving nearly 200 employees out of work. However, the plant was not
scheduled to close completely until August.

It's unclear at this point when the plant will be able to reopen. The
plant manager says he will meet tomorrow with the fire marshall
and engineers to try to determine what went wrong and whether the rest of the facility remains structurally sound. He hopes by the end of
the day to have a better sense of a timeline moving forward.

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