Rand Paul makes national TV tour after winning Senate race

U.S. Senator-elect Rand Paul is staying busy Wednesday, a day after he defeated Jack Conway with nearly 56 percent of the vote.

Paul, a Republican, made rounds on the national TV circuit, talking about how he intends to shake up Washington.

Paul says he wants to advance the tea party agenda as Kentucky's next senator.

He wants to form a tea party caucus, that would include both House and Senate members.

Paul says he believes a Democratically controlled Senate and Republican ruled House doesn't have to mean a government gridlock, where nothing is accomplished.

"When you have one side in charge, as was the case in Kentucky for a while, that wasn't good for the state," Paul told FOX News. "But now that Republicans are in charge of the state senate and Dems in charge of the other two branches, it's good and it's good and healthy for the country."

Shortly after the race was called Tuesday night, Senator Mitch McConnell issued a formal statement, welcoming Paul as his colleague.

McConnell said Kentucky voters sent a strong message to Washington with their vote for Paul.

Paul's opponent in the Senate race, Democrat Jack Conway, said Tuesday night he had called Paul and offered his help if there was ever an issue the two could work on together.

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