Rare wildcat sighting at WKYT

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"I was heading to Winchester from Lexington coming down Winchester Road. I just happened to look off to my left. Some motion caught my eye. It was kind of a big cat," says Matt Fields, a Richmond resident.

Fields pulled into the WKYT entrance for a closer look, " went back and it was gone. I was going to take a picture. So I was kind of bummed. I turned around in that little gravel driveway down there and then started heading back and boom, there it was again."

Fields quickly got out his camera to capture the rarely every seen wildcat, "I have seen mounts of wildcats but I've never seen one in the wild. So it being the first one I've ever seen was very intriguing."

Steven Dobey, the Wildlife Program Coordinator with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife confirms the cats in he picture are in fact bobcats.

"Looking at the background of that photo you can see the kitten. It's a female. It looks like the offspring of this year. It was probably born back in April or May," says Dobey.

At WKYT, we're used to having all sorts of visitors, but it is a rare opportunity to have two wildcats show up.

"If you see one, you count yourself lucky. They're tough to see. Very rarely do you see bobcats in the wild. So it's kind of a cool thing, let alone get a photograph of one," adds Dobey.

Dobey says there are likely many bobcats in the area. He says we typically don't see them because they come out at night and keep to themselves.

"No need for worry. Just a wildlife species that is out there. Pretty shy," says Dobey.

WKYT's Brittany Pelletz asked if the siting could be foreshadowing of the wildcats hunting cardinals? Dobey says, "Maybe. Maybe it'll give them some luck in the next couple of weeks."

Dobey also says that the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife received a picture of another bobcat siting in Lexington a few weeks ago.

Dobey says that the wildcats could be getting more accustomed to people, "They're getting a little more comfortable and maybe allowing themselves to be seen more so than in years past."

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