Rash of burglaries continues in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Police believe a rash of burglaries at Richmond businesses over the last two months are related.

Earlier this month, we told you about 15 break-ins, and now police are investigating three more.

Two happened off the bypass on Geri Lane close to I-75.
And the other was at a jewelry store on Big Hill Avenue.

Sunday morning police were called to a business on Geri Lane, Home Tech Solutions, where the front door glass had been smashed out and about one thousand dollars of merchandise was missing from inside.
Nearby, Hundley Psychological Services reported they too had been broken into over the weekend, however nothing was stolen there.

And on Saturday morning, the owner of Gem-Ray Jewelry on Big Hill Avenue reported their front window had been smashed in, but nothing was taken from inside.

Police believe these three recent smash and grab style incidents could be tied in to a much bigger picture.

"They're obviously targeting the glass doors, but of course now-a-days glass doors have that safety material to where it's a lot harder to get in. That's usually what's happened in the attempted ones. They're not defeating them, they're just breaking them, but they can't get through them," said Maj. Bob Mott with Richmond Police.

Mott continued, "These are early morning, same as last time. Very late evening early morning hours, seems like they usually get to work sometime around two in the morning and usually quit around four or four-thirty."

Investigators are hoping for information from the public that will allow them to make an arrest in the cases.

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