Rash of burglaries target churches

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – In the case of a burglary off Versailles Rd. at the Revival Tabernacle on July 17, police say the suspect broke in through a window and got away with high priced audio equipment, including a guitar.

Police say they also took a jar of pennies worth hundreds of dollars.

It's got folks who work in the area, like Jacqueline McNaughton, on high alert.

"It's kind of scary that people would break into a church and on top of that, we are right next to it," she said.

Revival joins a list of four other churches that have been hit by burglars over the last few weeks.

Others include Holy Spirit Parish on Rose Lane, True Life Church on Kingston Road and First Presbyterian Church on Market St., in downtown Lexington.

The most recent happened on Friday, July 19th at the Evangelical Methodist Church on American Avenue.

In this case, Lexington police say an alert neighbor noticed someone suspicious loading a TV from the church into their white Chevrolet Blazer.

This is the only burglary in which police have a suspect description.

If you have any information, you're urged to contact Lexington Police.

Police don't know if these burglaries are related since they've happened all over town.

In some of the burglaries, police say, the suspects didn't actually take anything inside the building, they just did damage while breaking into it.

The most that seems to be taken, according to police, was a couple thousand dollars-worth of audio equipment.

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