Rash of car break-ins have neighbors on alert

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "Something wasn't right," that's what many neighbors were saying about their cars on Cornerstone Drive, in Lexington, after discovering that someone broke into them overnight.

"All of the compartments were open in both of our cars, and all of our stuff was just thrown all over the place," said one victim, who didn't want to be identified.

She added, "I thought maybe my fiance had gone through and was trying to find something in a hurry."

Only it wasn't him. So she went next door to her neighbors who have a surveillance camera to see if there was any sign of what happened. As they scanned the video, at the 1:09 AM mark, she got her answer.

"Sure enough they had tried to get in their cars, as well," said the victim of her neighbor's car. "It looks like they're just walking down the street and trying out people's car doors and if they're open, then they take what they can get."

Her neighbor couldn't believe it, two shadowy figures walked past her driveway, while a third was seen walking up to one of her vehicles and checking the door handle. The suspect wasn't seen again on camera.

"He's wearing some kind of ball shoes and a North Face jacket. You know they dress nice to come out and rob us," chuckled the neighbor, who also didn't want to be identified.

The reason neither woman wanted to be named or shown was because they don't want to become targets for something worse. Even more they believe this trio might live in the area.

"Right here it's a dead-end, so we're not sure if they came through the houses or if it's someone in these houses, we don't know," explained the neighbor.

Of the three cars that have been found rummaged through one thing was in common, they were all unlocked.

As one victim said, she's always thought, "There's nothing valuable in this car, even if they got in what are they going to take?"

She went on to say, "Turns out it was only $10, but it affects you a little differently when they actually do take. I think I'll be locking my car doors from now on."

So far, that's all that's been reported stolen from the cars, which seems like a small reward for a crime that's upset so many. While not much is known about these suspects, these victims weren't waiting around, instead they've already alerted several other neighbors to what's going on, on their street.

At this point, the victims have filed a police report. If you have any information you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020 or AT&T customers can text the tip to 2020.

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