Rash of robberies off same exit in Laurel County

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A rash of robberies in southern Kentucky have police wondering if some or all of the crimes could be connected.

There have been four robberies in one month and another attempted robbery Thursday night, and they are all off the same exit in Laurel County.

Now officials and businesses in that area are on high alert.

"It's amazing we're just getting hit with a rash of robberies, and it's not the same people," said Detective Charlie Loomis, with the Laurel Co. Sheriff's Office.

And there was another unrelated robbery at a cigarette store, which was also in Laurel County. Shawn Stehlin, 32, was arrested in that case.

But could any of these robberies be connected? The Laurel County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure that out now.

"He goes in and walks up to the counter. He's masked usually and shows a handgun, demands money, and gets the money and leaves," said Detective Loomis.

Detective Loomis tells us their focus has been in the north Corbin area where there were three robberies at a BP gas station and one at the Shell station right next door.

We are told that the Thursday night attempted robbery was at that same Shell station.

"Somehow when the employees saw that, saw him coming towards the door, they ran and locked both doors and locked him out," said Detective Loomis.

At this point, Detective Loomis and others working these robbery cases are more than ready to catch who's responsible. With a weapon involved, they say the stakes are high.

"Actually the same clerk at the BP station has been robbed three times," said Detective Loomis.

And every time, according to officials, the robberies happen around 10 p.m.

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