Raw sewage dumped on Anderson Co. hillside

ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say someone dumped raw sewage onto a Central Kentucky hillside, causing a huge mess.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office says a tip led them to the illegal dumping site on Wildcat Road near the Tyrone community.

"We really appreciate the people that called in. There's no way we would have known this had happened," Anderson County Chief Deputy Joe Milam told WKYT.

The tip alerted the Anderson County Sheriffs Office to a smelly situation on Wildcat Road.

"Evidently there was some people that lived down there, had seen a white truck in the area several times that day and were concerned from the type of truck it was, that it might be dumping illegal substance in the area," said Milam.

Once on scene, crews found what someone left behind.

"A pretty good amount of raw sewage off the roadway and on the roadway that had been dumped," Milam said.

Now authorities are working to determine if the illegal dumping lead to any type of contamination.

The Kentucky division of waterways and the EPA, along with members of the sheriffs office are trying to determine and evaluate any concerns they may have.

The truck carrying the raw sewage was located shortly after. It's now part the of evidence that sheriffs office will use against the persons responsible. Right now, they say there are a couple persons of interests in the case, but so far, no arrests.

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