Reaction to guilty verdict in murder trial

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Jurors spent about eleven hours behind closed doors to reach the verdict, and a few more to recommend a sentence as the murder trial for James Anthony Gray reached a conclusion of sorts in the early morning hours.

First came the closing arguments for the defense and prosecution.

"He wanted everything they had. He said he was gonna do it. He'd been talking about killing his parents," said the prosecution.

"What I believe is irrelevant. That I trust my client, that I've gotten to know him and like him is irrelevant. I can't make you like him," said Gray's attorney.

Then, the jury received their instructions from Judge Paul Isaacs.
From that point it was a waiting game, until the jury finally returned late Thursday night with their decision.

They found James Anthony Gray guilty for two counts of murder and one count of tampering with physical evidence.
Close friends and family from both sides then had the opportunity to offer reaction to the verdict including the defendant's son.

"I know we had a rough start and a rough life, but I do love my father, that's my real dad. He loved my mom, and he loved his parents a lot, for real," said Anthony Gray's son.

The breakdown of that recommended sentence is 20 years for each murder victim, and five years for tampering with evidence to be served consecutively.

Formal sentencing is April 5th.

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