Reality Check: How to save the most money on Black Friday

Will you be one of the 97 million Americans expected to shop on Black Friday?

Retailers hope you will and spend big on those deep discounts, but how do you know what's a good bargain and what's not?

WKYT's Amber Philpott turned to Lexington's shopping and savings expert to get you ready to do your holiday shopping.

Let the madness begin!

For some, Black Friday shopping has become just as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as the turkey.

At the Allen home in Lexington, the Black Friday prep work has already begun.

Jennifer and Steve Allen admit they are those crazy, get up early, stand in line for a good deal kind of folks.

"We have three kids and a large family. This day and age you have to save money when you can and you can get some really nice stuff," said Steve Allen of Lexington.

Armed with the web and the paper, the Allen's do all of their planning and strategizing in the weeks and days leading up to the big event.

Jennifer Allen says it's a must to go with a plan and know where you want to go.

So in the chaos and excitement that is Black Friday shopping how do you stay within your budget?

When it comes to all those deals, and getting the 101 we turned to the Fru-Gal.

When it comes to shopping and saving, Deb Morris has it down to an art, we asked her what we need to know to brave Black Friday.

"You are going to be looking at the ads and you can go on a store's website and find their ad out there, then make a list and have a budget," said Deb Morris.

She says having a budget is a must when you go out on Black Friday and to stick with it.

Morris says your best savings comes on electronics and those high end deals.

This year there is an all out price war when it comes to stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy competing for your dollars.

When it comes to the 101 of Black Friday shopping there are some other tips the experts say you should know to make the day easier.

Experts with Forbes magazine say don't get sucked in by doorbusters, most are set up just to get you in the door and are limited.

Many times you will find those same deals on-line as well.

When it comes to clothing and accessories remember the 40 percent off rule, don't settle for anything less on full retail.

Let your smartphone apps like Red Laser and store apps help you navigate sales and keep track of where and what you need to be looking for.

And don't forget those coupons, many stores allow you to add them to your phone so you can easily keep up with them.

Deb Morris says companies like Hasbro will let you go ahead and get those coupons.

She says you can go to their website, and get coupons and use them on items in Black Friday ads.

Morris also reminds shoppers to make the day work in your favor when it comes to rewards points at your favorite stores.

"There is a way with shopping that you can get something for somebody and also get a benefit for yourself. Like at Kroger right now if you buy a Best Buy gift card then you get gas points," said Morris.

As the day gets closer the Allen's have made their list and checked it twice and their last bit of advice to shoppers is simple.

Steve Allen says to relax, don't get upset and don't fight.

For those of you who want to start planning now, the Lexington Herald-Leader is giving you a "sneak peek."

Starting Wednesday night at 9 p.m., the Herald-Leader is holding a drive-thru in their parking lot and will be handing out early Thanksgiving day papers with all of the Black Friday specials inside!

The Herald-Leader says they will hand out about a thousand early newspapers.

The papers are first come, first serve.

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