Reality Check: Kroger's price cut

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Debbie Morris is always on the hunt for a great deal.

"Every week, I get my coupons...and then I cut them out and then I put them in my binder, here," she said, displaying a shoebox full of coupons and a baseball card-style binder. She's the self-proclaimed Fru-Gal, advising people on how to save the most money while shopping.

"People think of these as pieces of paper, but you know, this dollar coupon, to me, if you think of that, that's actually a dollar," she said.

Morris was excited to see an announcement from Kroger yesterday. The store said they'll cut prices on thousands of items in their Central Kentucky stores.

"I think they're hoping that you don't have to use their coupon and we're going to give you that great deal, so come back to us," Morris said.

At Kroger, you can get a head of lettuce for $0.99. At Meijer, a head of lettuce is $1.19.

Kroger's roma tomatoes are $0.30 cheaper per pound. A 50 oz container of Wisk laundry detergent is $0.50 cheaper. Morris, though, says it's important not to get too attached to any one store. She recommends shopping at whichever store has the best sales going each week.

"You have to, as a shopper, be smart and have a list. Look at your flier, see what the sales are, see what those great markdown prices are and then work your shopping all week long with what they're giving you," Morris said.

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