Reality Check: Obama carried only four Kentucky counties

2012 county presidential election results. Obama won counties in blue, Romney won counties in red, brown counties denote ties

LEXINGTON,Ky. (WKYT)- President Barack Obama won reelection to another four years in the White House, despite only carrying four Kentucky counties.

An analysis of the results from the Secretary of State show Obama carried Fayette, Franklin, Jefferson and Elliott counties in 2012. In Fayette County, Obama earned 62,078 votes compared to former Gov. Mitt Romney's 60,793.

Results show Obama and Romney tied in seven other counties (Hancock, Logan, McCracken, Ohio, Pulaski, Pike, and Woodford) while Romney won in the remaining 109 counties in Kentucky.

In his 2008 matchup with Sen. John McCain, Obama carried eight counties in the state but also lost the popular vote statewide and in turn Kentucky's electoral votes.

Obama told supports early this morning that their citizenship doesn't end with their vote and that the "best is yet to come." Obama also says he wants to meet with Republican rival Mitt Romney to talk about how they can work together. Obama says he's willing to work with leaders of both parties to tackle upcoming challenges.

Obama and Romney made sharply different bets about who would vote this year.

It turned out that Americans who cast ballots looked collectively much more like what Obama had envisioned - a diverse tapestry that reflected a changing America - than the whiter, older electorate that Romney had banked on.

Younger voters and minorities voted at levels not far off from the historic coalition Obama assembled in 2008. Republicans who banked on a more monolithic voting body sending them to the White House were caught off-guard.

The outcome revealed a stark problem for Republicans: If they don't broaden their tent, they won't move forward. And it foreshadowed changes over the next generation that could put long-held Republican states onto the political battleground maps of the future.