Reality Check: Security at Kentucky's rest stops

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In the wake of a murder at Kentucky welcome center, WKYT asked Transportation Cabinet what type of security exists at highway rest areas throughout the state.

Everyone's got their reason for being on the road.

"I'm heading to Charlotteville, Virginia. Going to recapture my love's heart!" said Zephyr Neumann. He's come a long way to do that.

"California, up through Nevada, through Utah. I've gone 2,308 miles," he said.

Neumann said he's been doing it on the cheap.

"Sleep a few hours at a time wherever I could get it in. I spent a couple nights at rest stops and things like that just in my car," he said.

Neumann's thinking twice about doing that after news of a shooting at a Southern Kentucky welcome center that left two dead.

"Usually I'm a pretty trusting person, but when you hear about something like that, it's challenging," Neumann said.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say there are workers at rest areas around the clock.

"There are always at least two personnel from Division of Maintenance," said Transportation Cabinet spokesperson Chuck Wolfe.

There's no security, though.

"There's never been armed guards or any kind of police presence," Wolfe said.

Kentucky State Police say their troopers make an effort to drop in when they can.

"If a trooper is driving by a rest stop, there's as good a chance that they would stop there as a matter of patrolling," said Trooper Paul Blanton of the Kentucky State Police.

When troopers aren't there, they say you should keep an eye out. Travelers say they feel safe during the day.

"Rest areas are normally well-traveled, lot of truckers in them, lots of cars, especially this time of the year," said Bob Galbierz.

And Zephyr says he'll stay vigilant as he continues his quest.

"I'll just have to see how it goes, I hope that it works out for the best," Neumann said.

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