Reality check: Scammers out to get your tax refund

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Every year around tax season, scams seem to surface. A lot of unsuspecting filers may find them in their inboxes, their mailboxes, even on their phones. WKYT is showing you the scams the Better Business Bureau wants to warn you about.

The BBB gets bombarded around this time with talk of tax scams.

"Everything from I haven't gotten my W2 yet to what's this crazy email that's telling me I haven't paid my taxes and I did," notes the BBB's Heather Clary. She says scam artists seem to find every way possible to reach tax payers, and their favorite way to reach you is through e-mail. The IRS, though, never contacts anyone through e-mail.

"It will frighten you with all kinds of things to trick you into clicking on a link that can either take you to a website that looks like it belongs to the IRS," says Clary.

The BBB also warns about giving out your birth date and social security number. A scam artist with access to that information can open credit cards and cell phone accounts in your name.

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