Registered sex offender wanted for Boyle County break-ins

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials with the Boyle County Sheriff's Office are trying to track down a convicted sex offender who they say is also a suspect in a string of burglaries and home invasions. We've been tracking these crimes in Boyle County for weeks.

We are told Edwin Wayne Riley, 35, fled the address he listed in the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry.

Riley was originally convicted of third degree rape of a 14-year-old child. He is now suspected to be behind numerous burglaries and home invasions around Boyle county. Police tell us Riley goes by the nicknames "Dirty Wayne" and "Pee-Wee."

People in one neighborhood along Wells Landing Road, where some of the burglaries have happened, say they've seen Riley there.

It's a back country road that dead ends, so why would you walk down that road if you didn't live there?

"Strangers stick out because we've been here so long," Jim Hogue, who lives off Wells Landing Road. "We know who's who."

"It just struck me as odd. Why is he here?" asked Ginny Hogue, who lives in the targeted area as well. "You know it was getting kind of dark but not really dark. And that in itself was odd, having people walking that late at night. We have joggers sometimes in the morning, but that's it."

The sheriff's office has an idea of what that man has been up to. He's not a stranger to trouble. Riley is a convicted rapist, and his victim is only 14 years old. With him being spotted in the area, families like the Hogues are being more cautious.

"It's always good to keep your doors locked and be prepared. That's the boy scout motto!" said Jim Hogue. "And sleep with one eye open, as my father would say."

They haven't been targeted by Riley but are realizing the quiet farm life might not be so quiet anymore.

"Small town Mayberry isn't as small town as it used to be," said Ginny Hogue.

Danville police say they are also looking into this suspect, saying Riley's responsible for some burglaries last month.

Sheriff's deputies tell us they believe Riley may be hiding from them in order to avoid arrest. There is a warrant out for Riley's arrest, on charges of failure to comply with the sex offender registry.

The Boyle County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone who knows where Riley may be to give them a call. They advise anyone who sees him to not approach or try to apprehend Riley on their own. He is considered dangerous.

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