Renovations for the Lexington Convention Center in the works

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They've been a part of downtown Lexington for decades. But some well-known landmarks could soon be getting some new looks!

What do you see when you go downtown? You'll definitely see Triangle Park and the Lexington Convention Center. But its look could all change with renovations coming soon.

Three options and new looks were proposed on Thursday at a luncheon the Bluegrass Hospitality Association held in regards to what could happen to the Lexington Convention Center.

One look would cut into Triangle Park, and from the sounds of discussion at the luncheon, that option has been eliminated.

"We would like the policy makers in Lexington to take pause, review the date, and the information we just heard from Martha DeReamer, with the Matrix Group and use those studies to make the best decision for our city," said Mark Ravenscraft, the president of the Bluegrass Hospitality Association.

Other options look at opening up the inside of the convention center and adding expensive signage to cut down on confusion. No matter the design, it's going to be a big project with lots of changes.

"As an industry, anything that can move our economy forward, we want to be a part of," said BHA President Ravenscraft. "We want to be a part of the dialogue and share our knowledge and expertise."

Those involved say they hope the planning stages are finished by next month. But, of course, the city has to sign off on a design before any moves are made.

Rupp Arena will also get a new look, but that's a separate project.

Final selections are expected to be made by the city in early July with construction immediately following.

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