Report: several factors led to fire truck v. pedestrian collision last year

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're learning more about a deadly crash involving a fire truck last December in downtown Lexington.

27-year-old Lauren Roady died when the truck hit her as she was crossing South Broadway at the intersection of West Main Street.

On Wednesday, we obtained the report that the collision reconstruction unit with Lexington police did on the accident.

Since December, more and more information about the accident has surfaced. The newest report released has a lot of details surrounding the factors that police say led to the accident.

The collision report shows Roady, of Washington, D.C., died from injuries sustained by the fire truck hitting her. Roady was reportedly a runner, visiting for a race in town.

The report mentions several factors that led to the crash, including blind spots on the fire truck, the rainy conditions, and the driver simply not being able to see Roady. The firefighter driving the truck involved is Christopher Presley.

The report states, "The combination of physical barriers to line of sight, the weather conditions, and the ambient lighting available made visibility at the time of the collision poor."

The lighting issues included the Christmas tree lights and two street lamps at the intersection of South Broadway and West Main Street.

It is also stated, "Mrs. Roady was wearing dark clothing; which decreased her ability to be seen."

Speed has been determined to not be a factor in this collision.

Police have concluded Roady was legally crossing the street, but "Firefighter Presley's ability to avoid this incident was hampered by environmental, situational and vehicular factors."

Police still say the firefighter probably will not face criminal charges in this case.

The collision reconstruction unit with police is still investigating, and city officials have said they expect the investigation to be completed early next year.

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