Report shows drug recovery centers helping in Kentucky

It's a program that's designed to help Kentuckians recover from substance abuse but a report released today says the Recovery Kentucky program may have another benefit.

The report, released Tuesday morning, says not only are the recovery centers helping the people who go through them, they're also saving the state money.

The recovery centers across the state are designed to help people overcome addictions and homelessness. A study by the University of Kentucky Center on Drug and Alcohol Research used interviews with over two hundred program participants.

"Only, 7.8% had been abstinent when they came into the center. When we looked at them twelve months later 75% were abstinent to alcohol and drugs," said University of Kentucky professor Robert Walker who helped lead the study.

The findings show the treatment for addiction has a secondary effect. By helping people off of drugs and alcohol, the report says the program is reducing the money the state would have spent prosecuting crimes, on health care and money lost by potential victims.

"For every dollar that's put in, you get back two dollars and ninety-three cents for offset cost," said Walker.

With today's findings Governor Steve Beshear says this program, started by the previous administration, is one he'll work to continue.

" It tells us that number one, it's working and number two, it's a cost effective approach," said Beshear.

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