Rescue group removes 122 dogs from alleged puppy mill

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WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Animals have been rescued from what investigators call a horrible situation that they believe was a puppy mill.

Members of an animal rescue group say they rescued more than 100 animals, most of them dogs, from a home on Kennel Lane near Monticello.

It was a good day to be a dog on Kennel Lane; a day when 122 dogs got a new lease on life.

"In this case we were able to save each and every one of them today. It’s as bad as it gets and it’s pretty stereotypical for a puppy mill," said Scotlund Haisey, the President of Animal Rescue Corps.

The alleged puppy mill took the entire day to disassemble.

"It’s clearly laid out to be a production machine. I mean look in there it looks like a factory," Haisey told us.

By the time we arrived, teams of volunteers with the Animal Rescue Corps were finished up filling the last two trucks.

“We have moved 122 dogs, two parrots and four cats living in absolute squalor conditions," Haisey said.

An anonymous tip led officials to a Wayne County woman’s home where she was arrested a short time later for allegedly keeping the animals in conditions that speak for themselves.

“We’ve got emaciated dogs, extremely matted dogs with internal and external parasites,":Haisey said.

Investigators say they found several dogs living inside with the homeowner and they say the conditions inside were nearly as bad as the ones found outside.

“We removed 100 percent of these animals on Thursday we will bring them back to our emergency shelter," Haisey said.

And although an operation like this isn't cheap, “a case like this will cost us probably about 45,000 dollars,” the volunteers say what they accomplished ton Thursday makes the work well worth it.

The Animal Rescue Corps will only get permanent custody of the animals if the owner agrees or if a judge orders it.

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