Rescued horses recovering in Kentucky town

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CARLISLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Nearly two dozen horses are recovering after they were found on the Kentucky/Tennessee border in bad conditions.

Christopher Takacs can't help but find joy in the sight of the horses running around on his farm in Carlisle.

Not long ago, ago 22 horses, most of them mares, were rescued from a farm on the Tennessee/Kentucky line. Many were starving, and some pregnant.

"The photographs of the horses at pickup are just horrific. They had to have been without good forage for five, six, seven months to get to the size and condition they were in," said Takacs.

Takacs says this isn't just about throwing a lot of food in front of them.. It has to be an exact science. I don't want them to stand and gorge themselves 24/7 because they'll jam their digestive tracks at this point."

The animals are now up to four feedings, which means they aren't far from being adopted.

"The idea here is to get them healthy, get the to a point where we know everything is going alright, and then try to match the up,"

"It should be fairly easy to place them."

Bringing a sign of hope to these Arabians, and a smile to Takacs face.

Takacs says two of the rescued horses have already been adopted to a farm in Virginia.

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