Rescuer of abused horse: 'She didn't deserve this'

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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They say they found it starving and near death. Rescuers took a horse from a Rockcastle County farm, and they say they're now nursing it back to good health.

But they're also furious because the sheriff won't file any charges in this case.

She's pretty young, probably 8 to 12 months of age and doesn't have a name, but she's already had a hard life.

"It has been actually starved. It's been abused. It's been neglected," said Jamie Medlin, the founder of 'Justice For Abused Animals' out of Laurel County.

A 911 call out of Rockcastle County took Medlin out of Laurel County to her rescue. Since Medlin has stepped in, the horse is with a foster family in Knox County and already has a family interested in adopting her. Medlin tells us a veterinarian is going to visit her later this week to clear her health.

Saving the animal is just the start. 'Justice For Abused Animals' does much more than that. They are the voices for these animals in court.

"I don't understand why no charges were brought," said Medlin. "I mean the horse speaks for itself. You can look at it. You can tell that it's emaciated."

We confirmed with the Rockcastle County Sheriff Mike Peters that no charges were pressed, and he would not say why.

"It's very frustrating," said Medlin. "Because if you would charge them, it may stop some of this. If the laws are enforced, you may see less of this with horses."

The horse is now out of harm's way and will make it, but Medlin still wants justice for every abused animal.

"She is sweet. She's not at all mean," said Medlin. "She didn't deserve this. That's for sure."

Medlin says she plans to follow up with that owner about another horse he had that she says was also injured and in need of medical attention.

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