Residents concerned after shooting in Lexington park

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"My grand kids they just got here, they come here every summer and I'm scared to let them go over there," says Harold Mason, a Lexington resident.

Mason has lived in the Duncan Park neighborhood for 22 years and he says not much has changed. A few years ago, he says he was mugged inside of the park, "They seen I didn't have a dollar and 80 cents. They beat me up pretty good, dislocated my rotator cuff, and messed by head up."

Sunday afternoon's shooting in the park sent one young man to the hospital with a gunshot wound. At last check, he was listed in critical condition. Police say the victim and other witnesses are not talking, so they do not know who or where the shooter is. Police believe it is an isolated incident.

New businesses like the North Lime Coffee & Donuts Shop have moved in to help revitalize the neighborhood which Mason says helps, but that more needs to be done.

"All that's a good thing. But you know if you don't get rid of the cheese, how are you going to get rid of the mice," says Mason.

While many people feel that the shooting in Duncan Park is a set back for the neighborhood at least one new business says it can be the motivation to turn things around here.

"I think it's just assumed that eventually those things will stop and it'll get better and better," says Nick Cooper, who works at N. Lime Coffee and Donuts Shop.

Police say that three vehicles were also struck by bullets during the shooting on Sunday. The cars were parked on Johnson Avenue.

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