Residents in Lexington neighborhood concerned about recent break-ins

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A crime alert for residents living in one Lexington neighborhood. A home was broken into, and just a street over, a car was broken into as well. The strange part is that nothing was actually stolen, items were just misplaced.

"Somebody broke into my car and took all these stupid little papers out," says the neighbor who was the victim of this crime. "It's just receipts, my insurance cards. Why would they break in and just take that?"

People who live on Woodspring Drive woke up Sunday morning to find their belongings not exactly how they left them. One family's car was broken into, but the only things taken were papers and insurance information from the glove compartment. Items that were found on the hood of another neighbor's car and scattered a few steps down the street.

"It's possible that it could just be teenagers pranking with each other and daring each other to do stuff late at night," explains another neighbor. "That's possible. But it is concerning because it may not be that."

Just around the corner on Featheridge Drive, a woman came home to find her front door wide open, but no items stolen. Off camera, she told us she believed her dog scared away any potential burglars. Still, the incident left her neighbors feeling uneasy.

"That's a horrible thought," says Avery Blackburn, who's lived in neighborhood for eight years with no problems. "Somebody breaks into your house while you're in bed or something. Yeah, I'm going to make sure my doors are locked and I'm going to keep an eye out."

Almost all of the neighbors WKYT spoke with said the area is typically quiet and safe. But most also said this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Neighbors said homes in the area have been broken into before and items have been stolen from cars there quite frequently. It certainly isn't something that neighbors want to continue.

"It's very concerning to me because once a neighborhood gets prioritized, they're going to hit more often."

Lexington police say, right now, they have no reason to believe the two break-ins are connected.

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