Residents still remember tornado that hit Masterson Station

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Tuesday, May 27th, marks ten years since a tornado ripped through Masterson Station, injuring five people.

"I remember it, yeah," stated John Curtis, who moved to the area nine years ago.

While he just missed the destruction, he remembers the event.

"It got a house, or so, right on the other side of the street," he recalled, "the biggest part that hit, I think we drove by there and you could see it."

The Director of the Emergency Management, Pat Dugger, said the F-3 tornado was the "most devastating natural disaster to hit Lexington." It leveled homes and damaged numerous others, affecting 150 in total, and that's something that no one forgets.

"The biggest thing for me is every time you get a tornado warning around here, or whatever, you think about that," said Curtis. "Time goes by pretty fast.

Ten years does pass quickly. A lot of this area is new development, with a lot of new residents, but that doesn't mean the story has stopped being told.

"I moved here about a year ago. I know it's a great community. I've heard that a tornado went through about ten years ago," answered Jeremiah Duncan.

Duncan may have just moved to Buck Lane, one of the hardest hit areas a decade ago, but he knows the history that surrounds him.

"I guess it's a legacy that has been told and passed down."

Still time has moved on and so have many of the victims, but the story stays strong.

On Tuesday, to commemorate the disaster, the Emergency Management will hold a time for reflection and to talk about being prepared for a disaster. The free event starts at 6 p.m. and runs until 8 p.m. at the BCTC campus on Leestown Road.

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