Resignations at elementary school leave parents with questions

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Parents of students at Cardinal Valley Elementary received a letter Tuesday notifying them of the resignation of the school's principal and academic dean. But parents tell us they still have questions about why both women were under investigation by the school system in the first place.

Principal Ivonne Beegle and academic dean Suzanne Ray were put on paid administrative leave Sept. 4th after allegations of misconduct were brought by the school system.

"I'm shocked. I really want to know, is this going to affect my children in any way?" said Crystal Linton, whose children attend the school.

Fayette County Public School officials wouldn't provide details of the allegations but spokesperson Lisa Deffendall said they didn't involve testing, students or finances.

Deffendall did confirm that both women resigned on Friday. The school's former principal, Barbara Albaugh, has taken over as principal for the time being.

A report on the case will be sent to the state professional standards board by Fayette County Public Schools. That report is still being written.

Parents at the school say all they've heard about the resignations are rumors. "I would have liked more communication. You want to know why, what's going on?" Linton said.

According to the letter sent to parents Superintendent Tom Shelton will be meeting with the school based decision making council soon to discuss hiring a new principal. It also says input from parents will play an important role in that process.

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