Restrictions lifted for UK tailgating

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK officials met Thursday and decided to lift recent tailgating restrictions, but depending on what happens this weekend that could change that again.

University and City officials are calling last weekend's restrictions on tailgating along Cooper Drive, between Sportscenter and University, a success.

No alcohol, bands or deejays were allowed on the road in response to several incidents including this fight that broke out there when Western Kentucky was in town three-weeks ago.

"I think everyone sort of understanding what brought us here today," Jay Blanton, UK's spokesperson, told WKYT.

Today, officials said the message was heard loud and clear, so, they have lifted the restrictions before tomorrows game against Mississippi State.

"To address the situation with the WKU incident, I think one of the problems was it has a large population of people in a small contained area and so so that's the things we are bringing to the table, is how do we limit that possibility from ever happening again," said Stephen Bilas, UK's Student Body President.

Following this weekend's game, University officials will meet again, to discuss how things went and decide whether things stay the same..or if the restrictions will be put back in place for upcoming homecoming game.

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