Richie Farmer returns to Rupp

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's where he became a legend.

On Thursday night, former state Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer returns to Rupp Arena instead of spending his third night in prison.

Last week a judge delayed his prison sentence to allow farmer to watch his son play in this week's Sweet 16.

Farmer's son starts for Clay County. Richie Farmer says he did not think he would get to be at Rupp Arena tonight to watch his son play in the Sweet 16 but says he will cherish every second of it.

The Clay County native and former UK star was supposed to be in prison but a judge approved a delay by one week so he could attend the boys' state tournament.

His oldest son Trey is a sophomore for the Tigers. In his first one-on-one interview since pleading guilty to using state resources for his own benefit, the former Agriculture Commissioner said the last few weeks have been emotional, especially after the Tigers won the regional championship.

"I went down on the floor after the regional championship. He came over and put his head on my shoulder and started crying, started balling. I started crying, the coaches started crying. It was a very emotional time. One of the coaches came to me and said that's big for him because he never shows any emotion," Richie Farmer said.

"He's been there throughout the whole year, Trey Farmer says, "Kinda been my motivation for playing this year and I'm glad he got to come.

Richie Farmer will now report to a prison in West Virginia next Tuesday, March 25th. He says he doesn't believe he deserved prison time.

Trey Farmer will play on the same court on Thursday evening where his father made so many memories as a Clay County Tiger and Kentucky Wildcat.

Clay County will take on Covington Catholic tonight around 8:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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