Richmond daycare owner arrested on heroin charges

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A Richmond daycare was open for business on Monday, despite its owner facing charges for selling heroin. Berea Police arrested Jennifer Mullins and two of her employees, Christopher Mullins and Jermaine Benning, over the weekend.

Another man, Jermaine Twilley was also arrested.

Mullins is charged with trafficking heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police say the drugs were found in her home. Police searched two homes in total and found more than 58 separate packs of heroin.

"Anytime, that we can take any amount of drugs off the street, it's a good day," said Sgt. Jake Reed, Berea Police.

At this point, police are not saying whether or not her daycare is connected in the crime.

Robin Tipton owns a pet store near the daycare. She says even though Mullins hasn't been convicted, she wouldn't want anyone in her family going there.

"I think my daughter-in-law thought about taking her baby there. I'm glad she didn't," she said.

Another store owner said the pending charges didn't stop some parents from dropping their kids off on Monday.

The accused and workers at the daycare declined to comment on the charges.

Mullins will go to court on April 3.

Police say more arrests in this case are possible.

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