Richmond pharmacist held at gunpoint in robbery

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Richmond Police are searching for a man who robbed a local pharmacist at gunpoint. It was all caught on camera at Richmond Drug.

The pharmacy's owner tells us the gunman demanded a bag of drugs from the his wife and another employee working at the time.

It was a typical, somewhat slow Wednesday at the new business when a customer came in with a big prescription to fill. The difference was he didn't pay and never intended to.

"In our profession, that's the absolute worse thing that could happen," said Robbie Little, the owner of Richmond Drug.

Only open for a few months and already Robbie Little says his business was targeted by a man after percocets and methadone.

"It's a newer pharmacy, so there's not a lot of people walking in and out, so I think he may have been watching it," said Little.

Surveillance cameras caught the whole thing. You see the man approaching the pharmacy from the back of the building, seemingly having trouble getting in the door, then whipping out a gun, and demanding a bag of drugs.

"This is the worst case scenario thing that could go wrong," said Little. "I can handle angry or upset customers. Guns are just a different situation."

The woman you see in the surveillance video with her hands up at gunpoint is Leslie Little, the owner's wife.

"You just think of 100 different scenarios that it could have went a different way," said Little.

She and another employee were the only ones there at the time, something the owner feels guilty about.

"I was very shaken up," said Little. "We have three children together, and she's the center of it, so it's the scariest day of my life."

As for their kids, they have lots of questions about what happened. But their parents don't have all the answers.

"They understand that we had a really bad day or a really good day because she's alive," said Little.

The owner is hoping a tip he got Thursday afternoon from a customer leads to an arrest. Richmond Police are looking into it.

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