Richmond police arrest dad on drug charges after toddler found in street

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - On Woods Trail, in Richmond, it doesn't take long to see just how busy this street can be, which is why a toddler straying into the street on Wednesday morning was so alarming.

"Just right here at this four-way intersection around this corner," pointed Tyler Gillum, who lives in the area, "I saw a young child just in a pair of shoes and his diaper walking around. Some people stopped and picked him up and called the cops."

Gillum didn't know where the child came from, but after police arrived they found that answer and a whole lot more. Richmond police report that an officer was flagged down by a social services worker that reportedly found the child walking in the roadway. The officer found the child's home, and inside was his father, Steven Welton, and his father's friend, Andrew Romans, along with a list of drugs.

"Are you serious? Wow. That's disappointing," Gillum reacted, "You just really caught me off guard with that."

Gillum said the whole thing seemed to play out for nearly 30 minutes, but when asked how long he thought his son was outside and unattended Welton answered, "Maybe five minutes."

Welton continued to tell a different version of the story, saying that Romans was at his house so that he could change Romans' oil.

"A friend of mine came over. I opened my garage to let him in, I went upstairs to start cooking my children some breakfast. The next thing I know, I get a knock at the front door with social services at my door," he recalled, before adding, "I didn't know he was capable of opening the door."

Welton said the thought of his son alone outside does worry him, but when asked about his charges he denied that he had anything to do with the drugs in his home. Instead the only thing he said he's guilty of is, "having some bad friends."

Police charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Welton said it was rolling papers that he claimed were for tobacco. That was all he owned up to having.

Romans was charged with trafficking marijuana, and two counts of trafficking controlled substances. He also was charged with carrying a concealed weapon that they found in his car, along with several syringes. Police say on the way to the detention center they found that Romans attempted to discard two baggies of methamphetamine along with several pills.

"I had no clue about them (the drugs)," Welton continued in his defense.

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