Richmond woman held hostage for eight hours

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Richmond Police charged four men in connection with the kidnapping of a woman.

Police first got a call late Sunday night from a man, concerned that his female relative was being held captive in a car. Police stopped the vehicle at the Exit 90 on-ramp, at approximately 2:20 A.M.

Officers found the woman in the vehicle with four males and learned from the female that she was being held against her will. It was further reported that two of the men were armed and had thrown two firearms from the vehicle just prior to stopping for police. Officers recovered both firearms.

The victim, Paula Fritz, tells WKYT the ordeal lasted eight hours. During that time, she says she was held with a gun to her side

Fritz says it all started Monday afternoon when a friend picked her up from her home on Villa Drive in Richmond. Fritz says they ended up meeting four men that she did not know. That's when things took a dangerous turn. Fritz tells WKYT that the men wanted her to help them find another Madison County resident. Fritz says she just wanted out of the car but the men kept telling her she knew too much and she was going to die.

The four men were identified as James C. Fleming, age 32, Richmond; Antwon Brown, age 30, address unknown; Marcus Rogers, age 24, address unknown; and David West, age 23, Louisville, KY. All four were charged for Kidnapping.

In addition, Brown and West were charged for Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 2nd Degree and Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree after 11 hydrocodone pills and approximately 1.6 grams of heroin were found near where they were seated. Rogers was further charged for Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 1st Degree and Possession of Marijuana after 10 small baggies of methamphetamine and a bag of marijuana were found on his person at the jail.

Police aren't positive the men gave their real names. In fact, Fritz says the men joked that police would never know who they were. Fritz says they told police they were from Louisiana and had Louisiana tags.

Antwon Brown
David West

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