Riders unite to search for missing horse

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MERCER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Those who've been around Lemon say he's hard to miss. The 17-hand-tall grey horse got away from his owner after a ride at Shaker Village on Saturday. Since then, searchers have been covering lots of ground trying to find any sign of him.

"I thought, boy if that was my horse, I'd want all the help I could get. So I thought, not too much going on for me today, so I'll come on out!" said Wendy Wooley.

Since he disappeared Saturday, word has spread quickly throughout the horse community.

Mass emails go out! When a horse goes missing, every horse person within a hundred miles hears about it," said Holly Williamson, a rider with Kentucky Mounted Patrol.

"I posted it on my Facebook page and ended up getting a friend to come with me so we're going to go out and do our part and hopefully find him today," said Wooley.

Volunteer members of the search and rescue organization Kentucky Mounted Patrol have been working to cover roughly 6,000 acres at Shaker Village searching for Lemon, or Cowboy as he was previously named. Monday, they even had help from an airplane searching from overhead. They said whether they're looking for a horse or a missing person, they just want to help.

"Just to be of help to someone. There's a definite satisfaction in knowing that you're there for somebody sometimes in their worst moments," said Williamson.

Officials with the Kentucky Mounted Patrol said they'd be available to do what they can to help the owner as long as they're needed.

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