Rieder murder trial begins

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After some recent delay, Mike Rieder will go on trial today for murder.

Last April, police say the paths of Mike Rieder and James Muzic crossed on a Saturday night.
Friends of Rieder said he was at his favorite bar that night.

According to a police report Muzic was there as well and asked for a ride from Rieder.
While near the intersection of New Circle Road and Eastland Drive, Rieder told Muzic to get out of his vehicle, and shortly after police say he shot and killed Muzic.

Rieder drove off but later turned himself in to investigators.
Those who know Rieder say they would have never imagined he would do something like that.

"He's a good father, he don't seem to be mean in anyway, pleasant guy spoke nice, talked of the Lord," said a neighbor of Rieder.

The murder trial is expected to last three days.

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