River cleanup set for Saturday

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RICHMOND, Ky- Summer brings with it fun out on the rivers and lakes.
With that in mind, the Kentucky River Sweep happens on Saturday, June 21.
Just as the name suggests, it's a chance to sweep up all the litter and debris on an often-forgotten gem- the Kentucky River.
"It's a main source of drinking water for Winchester, Lexington, Frankfort," said Garry Epperson, Emergency Management Director for Winchester/Clark Counties. "It's a very important resource for us all in central Kentucky."
Miles and miles of river, dotted by homes perched high along its banks and camp sites are marred by the sight of litter in the form of plastic bottles, aluminum cans and sometimes even items as big as cars and refrigerators.
"It washes into the gully, into the stream and then into a bigger stream," said Epperson.
Clearing the river of this debris is the purpose of the Kentucky River sweep.
But, there's an even bigger goal.
"To let people learn of the importance of taking care of their environment," he said.
Saturday's sweep will cover about 18-miles of the Kentucky River and will give folks a chance to consider what the waterway really means to them.
"If people are aware of the beautiful river we have and they want to see it kept cleaner, then they'll take some steps to make sure they don't litter and their kids don't litter," said Claire Sipple, with the Kentucky River Authority.

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