Road conditions deteriorate quickly, causing wrecks in snow

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Not long after the snow started falling, we started seeing numerous crashes. Lexington Police say so far, they've dealt with 22 crashes. At least three of those had minor injuries. The roads seem to be bad just about everywhere.

This isn't the first time a snow storm has moved in on a Sunday night. And once again, road crews tried to get ahead of it. But the conditions worsened quickly.

Keeping people safe on the roads is what their goal is every time they hit the roads. In Scott County, road crews got to work early, salting to try and prevent wrecks from happening.

"That's what we're trying to avoid. You get out in these little county roads, especially as you get north from here. A lot of hills and a lot of curves," said J.R. Brandenburg, the director of the Scott County Road Department. "We don't want anybody wrecking."

But over in Lexington, accident after accident kept fire officials and police busy along I75. The road conditions deteriorated quickly, causing some cars to slide off, hitting a median or guardrail like one driver at the 108 mile marker in a northbound lane.

But a more serious crash just 9 miles up the road involving a truck with a trailer and a 18 wheeler created a traffic nightmare. Police tell us near the Clays Ferry bridge is where that pickup lost control and jackknifed. And the 18 wheeler couldn't slow down and plowed right through the trailer that was carrying two motorcycles. Two northbound lanes were shutdown there at mile 99 where officials expect to be for the next couple hours cleaning up the mess.

No injuries were reported at either of those wrecks on I75.

Road crews in Garrard County are also out Sunday night. They are telling us there has been at least 8 crashes in the county and at least two in the city of Lancaster.

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