Road conditions from your local dispatches

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The sun seems to be finally making its way out but according to local dispatches the roadways in many surrounding areas are still quite slick.

Here's the road conditions as of Noon Saturday:

Fayette County: Roads are pretty slick, use caution if you're travelling. Road crews are slowly making their rounds. Secondary roads and neighborhood roads seem slickest. Several slide-offs and non-injury accidents.

Franklin County: Roads are starting to get slick. Several slide-offs. No major accidents reported yet.

Madison County: Side roads and back roads are still pretty bad. Interstate seems pretty clear. A few non-injury accidents and slide-offs, no major accidents.

Anderson County: Couple inches of snow. Main roads are passable but slick. No accidents reported.

Bath County: Snowing pretty heavily. No major accidents, just slide-offs. Roadways are slick, but passable. State highway is keeping things pretty clean.

Clark County: Roadways are slick. A few minor accidents but no major traffic incidents yet.

Estill County: Trucks are out salting the roadways. No reported accidents.

Jessamine County: Snow has let off for the time being. Roadways are still pretty slick and snow covered, crews are out with the salt trucks still. No reported accidents.

Mercer County: Roads are snow covered but not really slick. No reported accidents.

Montgomery County: Snowing pretty heavily. Roadways are slick. Lots of slide-offs and minor accidents, nothing major reported yet.

Pulaski County: Snowing but the roadways are pretty clear. No major accidents.

Rockcastle County: It's snowing but not sticking very well. Roads are still pretty clear, no reported accidents.

Scott County: Snow has been steady but the roadways are still pretty slick. Just a handful of non-injury and slide-offs.

Whitley County: Little bit of snow coming down, roads are starting to get some slick spots. Local salt crews are out taking care of them. No major accidents.

Woodford: Not snowing at the moment but the roadways are still slick and hazardous. Just a few slide-offs no major accidents.

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