Road crews in Lexington prepare for snow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- The rain and the mercury have both been been falling for much of the day, and while it's expected to snow and freeze tonight the Lexington road crews have already been kept busy.

As the day started Sam Williams and his Streets and Roads Department expected to be busy, but not until tonight. The weather had other plans.

"We've had several tree calls and I think this is probably the worst here on Lindenwood," said Williams.

But their job is far from over as the weather continues to challenge them.

"We've had several issues of flooding, street flooding," said Williams. "The winds may get as high as 50 mph over the evening. We're talking about a little bit of snow that is coming tonight so we're looking at responding to that as needed. It's been a pretty busy day for streets and roads."

But Williams and his crews won't stop.

"We have the folks and equipment to get out and do it," said Williams. "We have the guys that enjoy getting out and doing these things. It is kind of miserable, cold, and wet but our folks do a good job at it."

Williams said the pavement temperatures are well above freezing, and he expects tonight may just end up slushy, but that we'll just have to wait and see.

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