Drivers in Lexington find slick spots on some roads

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Road conditions changed just as people who had to work headed home or returned from the holiday.

And road crews in Lexington were not able to pretreat roadways because of Wednesday's rain.

While the Lexington area didn't see much snow Wednesday night, it was still enough to cause a few headaches for drivers.

"We just drove and tried to take our time," said Kim Patton, who was just passing through Lexington.

Patton says her trip back from Cincinnati was pretty treacherous.

"It was just like that and real quick. Sleeting and there was just mostly ice on the road and then 10 miles up the road it started snowing on top of it which helped a little bit," said Patton.

Whether you like snow or not, the conditions we are facing now have nothing to do with the snow. It's the ice.

"The slush and ice were real deep, and people were just running off the road," said Patton.

Lexington police tell us they've worked more than 20 accidents since four o'clock Wednesday afternoon when the wintry mix arrived.

But the winter weather has subsided for now, which is a big relief for some who still have some traveling to do for the holidays.

"They always here in Lexington take real good care of the roads so I'm really not worried about it. Hopefully by tomorrow, by the time we leave, if it is bad, it'll be in better shape," said Eric Hicks, who lives in Lexington.

Even if you don't see any snow or slush on the roads, remember there could black ice with temperatures in the 20s.

"You're still going to have the potential for black ice because of the moisture that we've had over the last few hours," said Sam Williams, Director of Roads and Streets.

Drivers are being asked to travel slowly and with caution.

The winter weather advisory has been cancelled for the Lexington area. No more snow is expected overnight.

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