Road crews in Lexington prepare for snow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- With snow expected tonight Lexington streets and roads crews spent the day getting ready.

They've already been out pre-treating roads around the city.

With the really low temperatures we're having tonight we have to add some chemical additives to the salt to lower the effective melting point.

As soon as the flurries started to fly this morning crews hit the road to salt the roads. They continue to pre-treat in preps for another round of heavier snow tonight. But with gusty winds and lows tonight expected to drop to the lower teens, some extra work is needed.

"We have plenty of salt. We also have contracts in place if we need more. Lexington has done a good job managing our budget and salt budget. The last couple of years we haven't had as big of snows to last few years so we've had some salt left over from previous years plus we plan for a certain amount. We're sitting pretty well with our supply," said Rob Allen.

And thanks to last years lack of snow events, there's plenty of salt to go around.

At times we may not only have to deal with slick roads but low visibility too. That's why rob recommends slowing down and give driving your full attention.

Watch out for black ice. Even if you do have a four wheel drive vehicle slow down. Use common sense and please, the state uses contractors in their own vehicles. Give these trucks plenty of room, and be safe around them they do have large blind spots and these guys and ladies are out there working as hard as they can to make the roads safe so give them time to do their job.

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