Road crews hit the streets before winter weather arrives

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With the potential for icy roads, crews from the Division of Streets and Roads have pre-treated roadways to help keep drivers safe.

So far, 2500 tons of salt has been used to treat Lexington's streets and roads. The city's salt barn has been restocked.

There's some concern that the current temperature will impact the ground temperature, ultimately leading to freezing roads and dangerous driving conditions.

Sam Williams, the Director of Streets and Roads, anticipates that the wintry mix to arrive just in time for rush hour.

Williams says it's not just icy roads, he is concerned about,"If it starts a lot of volume, I guess the thing to be concerned with is the ice on trees and power lines and that. Hopefully that will not happen but the traveling public needs to be aware of that as they see that happening -- to probably get home and stay there until it's over."

Pre-treatment plans were in full effect, as trucks spread salt brine on bridges, overpasses, and in downtown Lexington. Some road crews were told to leave work at 11:30 this morning with plans to come back at 8 o'clock tonight and work as needed.

To make matters more complicated, officials anticipate plenty of people on the roads tonight, traveling to the UK game at Rupp Arena. They just ask for people to play it safe, and be mindful of the salt trucks coming through.

Streets and Road crews are concerned about more than just iced over roads, "If you come across, you could easily be driving down a road and a limb fall out on a power line. That's probably the biggest concern this evening is how the freezing rain and the ice will react, whether it sticks to freeze on the trees and power lines, " says Williams.

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