Road crews working overnight to clear Lexington side roads

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Right now main roads around Lexington are in better shape than they were Monday morning, but you could still run into some icy spots. Crews with Lexington Streets and Roads focused their attention on side streets and school bus routes.

Main roads are clear and drivers don't seem to be having any issues here, but a WKYT crew checked out some side roads that look much different than main ones. Road crews in Lexington are working on those overnight.

"We're going to use calcium and salt and scrape as much as possible," said Supervisor Robert Bishop, with Lexington Streets and Roads.

It's just a standard routine for these guys by now.

"It's easy to move," said Bishop. "It's tough to move sometimes, but it moved pretty easy."

But surprisingly enough, even with so much more snow, equipment and supplies are holding up great at the salt barn. They've used 4,700 tons of salt and have 5,000 more on hand with 850 tons on the way. We're halfway through the snow season but half the salt budget remains.

"As you can tell, we still have salt in the barn, and we're in good shape," said Bishop.

And you'd think overtime would be an issue as well. But supervisors with Lexington Streets and Roads say they still have 64% of the overtime budget to use. Those numbers are through December 31. Numbers on salt and overtime usage will be updated in about a week which will include January.

Every truck is working, and there's not a time of day when at least a few aren't on the road when winter weather like this arrives.

"Our goal is to take care of the problem, and that's what we're here for," said Bishop.

Supervisors with Lexington Streets and Roads say they want to get kids back in school, and they've met that goal because Fayette County has not canceled school for Tuesday.

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