Robbers bust into Lexington apartment, steal tax refund

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A woman answered a knock at the door and ended up the victim of a robbery.

Lexington Police say the crime happened around midnight Wednesday at the Eastridge Apartments, off Alumni Drive.

The victim told police she returned to her apartment and had recently cashed her tax return check. She told police she opened her door after hearing a knock. She says two men, wearing bandannas over their faces, forced their way inside. One of the men had a small, silver handgun.
Police say the men took off with hundreds of dollars. While the men left the home on foot, police think they got into a car nearby.

Police tell WKYT they do not believe this is a random incident. The victim said she didn't recognize the thieves.

Lexington Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said, "It's very highly unusual that someone would just show up at your house randomly knowing that you have large sum of money and then demand it. Anytime we see people breaking into people's homes at night there's usually some sort of connection, or thy have some reason to know you have a large sum of money."

She added, "We tell people, you have to be your best advocate. You want to make sure you're not creating a situation where you're making yourself an easy target for thieves."

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