Robbers hit Lexington landlord as he collects rent

Lexington Police came to Tammy Court just after 10 a.m. Saturday. They say a landlord collecting rent had just finished speaking with a tenant when he was ambushed.

"He was approached suddenly by two suspects who were dressed in all black and had black masks on. One of them was armed with a firearm," said Lieutenant Raymond Roller.

The two men took his money and the keys to his truck, driving away. But police say the robbers abandoned that truck within a few minutes.

"A witness had seen the incident and led us to the victim's pickup truck which was abandoned at nearby apartment complex," Roller said.

The apartment complex where the truck was found was less than a mile way. Police aren't sure if the two men ditched the truck there because they live there or if they ran from there.

Police think the victim could have been targeted by people who knew he was collecting rent.

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