Lexington armed robbery suspect on the run

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Lexington police are on the lookout for a man who they say held another man at gun point, robbed him and assaulted him.

The incident happened around 5:30 Saturday evening right off of a heavily trafficked area on Winchester Road.

“At this time of the day on a weekend you would’ve thought someone would’ve driven by and saw it,” said Lt. Sam Murdock with the Lexington Police Department.

Police say a man was walking across the parking lot of Lexington Tire and Auto Center when another man sped into the car lot, got out of his maroon truck, pulled out a gun and demanded the victim to hand over his cell phone and an unknown amount of cash.

“The victim did comply but through the course of the robbery the victim was injured.”

Fortunately the victim, whose name has not been released, only suffered minor injuries during the assault but unfortunately, the robbery suspect managed to slip away.

Lexington police say the suspect was last seen driving west down Third Street in an older model maroon Chevy pickup truck.

Police hope witnesses will come forward with more information on gunman's whereabouts.

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