Robbery victim fights back, stabs suspect

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a group of robbers picked the wrong man. They say the three jumped a man inside the store, but he was ready to fight back.

It was inside a bathroom at the Nicholasville Kroger where police say three people attacked a man. They say the trio were punching and kicking him trying to get his wallet. That man, though, wasn't about to become a robbery victim.

"He was being assaulted in the bathroom. He had every right to defend himself, and he did. It just appears like these guys picked the wrong victim that night. He pulled a knife out that he had in his pocket and he actually stabbed one of the people that was attacking him," said Sergeant Scott Harvey of the Nicholasville Police Department.

Police said the three ran from the store, but someone in the parking lot who thought they looked suspicious followed them and called dispatch. Police say that led them to Joseph Morris and Steven Whitaker along with a truck that had been reported stolen from Lexington. They say Whitaker had been stabbed. The two were arrested. Whitaker was treated and released at the hospital.

"It was a 'perfect storm' as far as the situation. It was an area where we had witnesses, it was a victim that became able to defend himself, and we had a concerned citizen who gave us the information we needed to make the arrest," said Sgt. Harvey.

Police also charged Whitaker with receiving stolen property because of that stolen truck. They're still searching for a third man they say was involved.

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