Safety, environmental issues debated over Pipeline

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Representatives with the Bluegrass Pipeline were in front of state lawmakers Thursday, trying to convince them that a natural gas and liquid pipeline will be good for the Commonwealth.

"Natural gas and ngl pipelines are really the safest way to transport energy resources from one place to another." said State Senator Whitney Westerfield, (R)

The proposed pipeline, about 1100 miles long, would connect line from the Northeast to Louisiana.
The representatives say this project is goof for the country, with liquids producing plastics, propane and motor fuel.
The Sisters of Loretto don't think it's a good idea at all, even though the pipeline won't cut through their 800-acre property.

The sisters have concern for their neighbors.

"too many decisions are being made with a very short term perspective what is best for just a few people
who already have a lot of money I find that very concerning."

Members of the committee voiced their concern.

"I'm curious if you think you have or can use eminent domain"
"There are rare occasions usually less than 2% of the land owners we come across after we finalize the route that we have to exercise eminent domain."

A major issue is safey.

"In the history of Texas gas, 60 years of operation, no fatalities and a very strong environmental record that we are very proud of."

The sisters stand firm in their disapproval.

"If we would all work together or pool our resources and creativity we could come up with creative alternatives that would be good for everyone."

The pipleline would affect 13 Kentucky counties.

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