Salt supplies running low in Laurel County

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lamaro Cruise Road in northern Laurel County is one of those roads that would mostly likely be impassable during a major snow event, if it wasn’t for salt.

Residents who live on the top of the hill depend on salt to help them get down the hill and to their destinations. But ,with a lot more winter to go, another big snow event could cause travel trouble.

“We are keeping it (current salt supply) on reserve for emergencies, fire departments and stuff like that,” said Road Department employee Bobby Overbay.

Only 30 tons is left in the Laurel County road garage and that was borrowed from the state. Laurel crews are already close to doubling their usual usage of a thousand tons a year.

“The state, they are getting low, too. Kind of cutting cities and counties off on borrowing salt from them,” said Overbay.

There are more than 1,200 miles of county roadways in Laurel County. In times like these, not all of those miles of roadway will be covered.

A salt shortage means some roads will only be spot treated.

“Mostly hills and curves. And stop signs and intersections,” said Overbay.

Laurel County has ordered 800 tons from Michigan when normally they’d be able to get it from Louisville.

“But it should be here in a few days,” said Overbay.

Good news for those who live on roads like Lamaro Cruise.

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