Salt trucks make first rounds of the season

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials at the Lexington Streets and Roads Department said the first run of the season went smoothly. They got going early and WKYT got a firsthand look at what they were doing out on Lexington's streets.

Drivers covered about 1,100 lane miles of road throughout Lexington and Fayette County today. This was the first time the Streets and Roads Department has sent their 45 salt trucks out this season.

"Like anything, equipment that sits for six months, you've got some issues you have to deal with, but by and large, everything worked as planned," said Streets and Roads director Sam Williams.

Drivers started hitting the roads about 3:30 Friday morning. Officials said much of the snow was melted by rush hour traffic, but refroze as the streets got quiet again.

"As the traffic built up around rush hour, the snow that was accumulating a little on the road refroze and we had some issues on some of the heavily-traveled streets from that refreezing, but we've been able to re-treat those and got everything pretty much under control," said Williams.

All the salt that crews used today is actually left over from last winter. Officials said they still had 5,500 tons of salt. In fact, they haven't taken in any new salt at all this season. They estimate they used about 1,500 tons today.

Crews don't have any plans to put more salt down Friday evening, but they will be available to respond to any reports of slick spots.

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